1. raymart Says: June 1, 2018 7:30 am Reply

    i always get this message sa app: uh-oh: Cannot handle token prior to 2018-06-01T07:13:44+0800. kapag online ang pinipili sa app.

    • Paige Says: June 13, 2018 9:17 am Reply

      Hi Raymart,

      Just an UPDATE for App login:

      HOW TO LOGIN AT Mobile Application:

      Use your registered number as your Username (639XXXXXXXXX) and text PBUY RESET to any GSM Number to get your password. You need internet connection to login.

      Uh-oh: Cannot handle token prior to 2018-05-29T 13:54:03+0800

      1). Go to Date & Time Settings >> Select Time Zone (GMT+08:00 Philippine Standart Time).
      2). Go to Date & Time Settings >> Automatic date & time (set it “OFF”) >> Automatic time zone (set it “OFF”).

      Load Service is not available for this Merchant or any other error.

      Email us right away to epinoyload@npi.ph with your mobile number and screenshot of the error message.

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