1. Carl Says: June 24, 2014 9:08 am Reply

    Sir, kelan po kaya tayo makakapagload sa ABS-CBN mobile sim?

  2. Michael Says: June 24, 2014 12:03 pm Reply

    It’s so hard put it in a good word for you when things like this happen. I’ve only activated two, and they don’t use this much coz the system is unreliable. You get it going for a week and fail for just one day? That’s already bad specially in isolated areas where people only have a few choice. They will mark the eloader as either slow or palpak and won’t come back. Besides, there are also load variation that they can only get from the network’s eloader like for Smart, i heard there’s this T20 and people constantly asks for those. I’m thinking of getting the legit eloader from Smart myself (Smart is the strongest network in our area), and just make this a backup for isolated sun, Globe and TM users. This, I believe, will speak for how many of us feel about you guys. I’m just sad coz this totally ruined a good business opportunity. One of the 2 I’ve activated owns a bakery. His family’s business are bakeries in different barangays here in the province. That one could have convinced the others, but now, pfftt. Kaput. Gone. Have a great day.

    Yeah, like you ALWAYS do, erase my comment so other people won’t see it. Tsk.

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